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Running all Performance Tools Automatically

The performance tools pprocess.gms runs all Performance Tools automatically on up to 8 trace files at once. It runs the routines on all combinations of tracefiles and generates a performance summary HTML file.

For example, suppose we did runs of the solvers COPNOPT1, CONOPT2, and CONOPT3 on a set of models and want performance comparisons of each solver with respect to the other. The pprocess.gms utility simplifies this task.

Below are descriptions on how to use the utility and its command line options.

Performance Profile Notes:

The performance profile plotting utility can be thought of as depicting information on solver robustness from the square utility and solver quality and correctness from the resource time utility. In the performance result summary, performance profiles are run for different optimality criteria in terms of optimal solution found:

Download Tools:

Download Sample Trace Files:

These are trace files obtained from running an instance of the COPS NLP test models using CONOPT1, CONOPT2, and CONOPT3, as shown in the OR/MS CONOPT ad.

Sample Output:

Using pprocess.gms

The solver square comparison utility makes use of the --option to initialize environment variables from the command line. You must have a GAMS system 20.1 or later installed. See the GAMS 20.1 release notes for details on this feature.

The general command for square.gms is:

>>   gams square --trace1=(input 1 tracefile) --trace2=(input 2 tracefile) ... --outfile=(output filename) --outdir=(output directory)

The options --trace1 and --trace2 are required inputs. Upt to 8 seperate trace files can be included. All of the other --options are optional, that is if ommitted they are set to default options as described in the next section. The resulting performance summary file will be located in the --outdir directory, which is created if it does not yet exist. A sample call is:

>>   gams pprocess.gms --trace1=copstest.co1 --trace2=copstest.co2 --trace3=copstest.co3 --outdir=copsconopt

This will create an output HTML file called results.htm in the directory copsconopt/ showing a summary of the performance test results.

Users can download the sample trace files given above (CONOPT solvers on the COPS model set) and the Performance Tools. Runnings the command as given above will produce the following result:


List of pprocess.gms --options and defaults

Required Inputs:

Option Input Type Description Default
--trace1 Text Trace file of solver 1 none (user must specify)
--trace2 Text Trace file of solver 2 none (user must specify)
--trace(n) Text Up to 8 trace files can be included none (user must specify)

Optional Inputs:

See the respective Performance Tools options: