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We have made every attempt to give credit to the original author or authors of the individual models. Unfortunately, since some models come from large model collections or are derived from client models, the correct reference is not always available.

We welcome your comments and suggestions if references of a particular model are incorrect. Please contact the current Performance World coordinator at

LINLib Credits:

Andrew Boyd, E Aronson, J E Barutt, J Bienstock, D Binous, H
Bixby, R Carolan, W J Ceria, S Cook, W Crowder, H
Drinka, D Eckstein, J Edgar, T F Gailly, B GAMS Dev. Client Models
GAMS Development Gottlieb, J Hill, J E Himmelblau, D M Hoffman, K L
Hull, T Johnson, E L Kennington J L Lasdon, L S Lemke, C
McKeown, P G McZeal C M MIPLIB 3.0 Library Miscellaneous LP Models Mittelmann H. - LP Models
Mittelmann H. - MIP Models Mittelmann, H MOSEK ApS Nemhauser, G L NEOS MIP Benchmark
NETLIB Infeasible LP Library NETLIB LP Repository Niemi, S Padberg, M Paulmann, L
Problematic LP Models Rutherford, T Sallcoss, D Savelsbergh, M W P Scarf, H E
Spielberg, K Stochastic LP Models Suhl, U H Sun, M Trick, M A
Van Roy, T J Wichmann, S J Wolsey, L A

Credit List:

Andrew Boyd, E:

Aronson, J E:

Barutt, J:

Bienstock, D:

Binous, H:

Bixby, R:

Carolan, W J:

Ceria, S:

Cook, W:

Crowder, H:

Drinka, D:

Eckstein, J:

Edgar, T F:

Gailly, B:

GAMS Dev. Client Models:

GAMS Development:

Gottlieb, J:

Hill, J E:

Himmelblau, D M:

Hoffman, K L:

Hull, T:

Johnson, E L:

Kennington J L:

Lasdon, L S:

Lemke, C:

McKeown, P G:

McZeal C M:

MIPLIB 3.0 Library:

Miscellaneous LP Models:

Mittelmann H. - LP Models:

Mittelmann H. - MIP Models:

Mittelmann, H:


Nemhauser, G L:

NEOS MIP Benchmark:

NETLIB Infeasible LP Library:

NETLIB LP Repository:

Niemi, S:

Padberg, M:

Paulmann, L:

Problematic LP Models:

Rutherford, T:

Sallcoss, D:

Savelsbergh, M W P:

Scarf, H E:

Spielberg, K:

Stochastic LP Models:

Suhl, U H:

Sun, M:

Trick, M A:

Van Roy, T J:

Wichmann, S J:

Wolsey, L A: