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PAVER - Performance Analysis Web Submission Tool

Automates performance analysis for results obtained either through GAMS or through non-GAMS solvers. Users submit performance data via GAMS tracefiles (traceopt 3) or GENERIC data files and receive results via e-mail. The performance tools provide information on: Remark: The PAVER performance analysis tool is available for both GAMS and non-GAMS solvers. For non-GAMS solvers data files must conform to the GENERIC data file format.

Quick Start:

Download the three sample trace files:
  1. A.trc
  2. B.trc
  3. C.trc
  4. Go to PAVER - Performance Analysis Web Submission Tool and following the instructions given, submit the three trace files downloaded in Step 1.
Performance analysis results will be sent via e-mail and will also be available online.

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