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PAVER SERVER - Performance Analysis Web Submission Tool

The PAVER web-submission tool runs the Performance Tools (ptools) and returns the results as a zip file attachment via e-mail. Users can also view results online. The ptools are available for download at Users input their data in the form of trace files (GAMS traceopt=3) or generic data files. See the Tracefile Section for details concerning the GAMS trace file format, Generic Data Files Section for the generic format.

For more information see the PAVER - Performance Analysis Web Submission Tool information section.

If you find this tool useful, please consider citing the paper

H.D. Mittelmann, and A. Pruessner (2006). A Server for Automated Performance Analysis of Benchmarking Data, Optimization Methods and Software, 21 (1), pp. 105-120. PDF

Note: PAVER SERVER has been superseded by PAVER 2.

Note: there is a maximum total file size limit of 1Mb.

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