Performance Profile Summary

Date / Time: 08/02/02 14:16:33
System info: GAMS Rev 133 Jun 14, 2002 WIN.00.NA 20.7 133.000.040.VIS P3 translator

Performance profiles for different objective value tolerances. The profile utility compares solver outcomes of any number of given solvers (up to 8) over a model test set. The tool is described in detail at

A solver is considered feasible or optimal, if it has the proper model and solver return codes and the relative objective value error is within n % of the best possible solution. If the best found objective value is 0, then the absolute objective value error is used.

The following objective value tolerances are used (in %):
Objective values within 0% of best value - data file: profile_0.txt
Objective values within 1% of best value - data file: profile_1.txt
Objective values within 2% of best value - data file: profile_2.txt
Objective values within 5% of best value - data file: profile_5.txt
Objective values within 10% of best value - data file: profile_10.txt
Objective values within 50% of best value - data file: profile_50.txt
Objective values within Inf% of best value - data file: profile_Inf.txt