Welcome to the Performance World!

Performance World is a forum for discussion and dissemination of information and tools about all aspects of performance testing of solvers for mathematical programming problems. This world has been established in response to user demands for independent and reproducible performance results.

Overall performance highly depends on problem formulation, solver, and tuning parameters. Our performance tools are designed to serve the different needs of our user community. One user may be interested in finding the most reliable way to solve a proprietary or classified model. On the other hand, an academic researcher may be interested in testing a new algorithm against a set of existing test problems and competing approaches. The main features are:

  • Uniform access to a comprehensive set of established and new test problems
  • Automation tools for collecting performance measurements
  • Tools for analyzing and visualizing test results

What's New:

  • Sep 2022: Performance Tools 1.3 is available (fixes for call of GnuPlot on Windows, contributed by A. Drud)
  • Aug 2013: PAVER 2, the successor of the Performance Tools 1.x, is available.
  • Aug 2013: Performance Tools 1.2 is available (mainly bugfixes)
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