Colorado GAMS

An Excel Data Transfer Utility

Here are three utilities for transfering data between GAMS and Excel Workbooks.


These programs only run under 95/98/NT and they require that Excel be installed on your computer. They are based on the OLE (object library exchange) interface between Delphi and Excel. We have done the development work and testing with Excel version 97 SR-1, but in principal these routines should work with Excel 95 or later.

In order to use this software, you need to have:

The first release of this software was in July, 1999. If you have problems with these programs, please email Thomas Rutherford. (I am particularly interested in receiving reproducible bug reports!)

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Download a zip file with a worked example.

Run "gams ?" to find the date of your GAMS system, e.g.:

*** GAMS Rev 133  Jun 14, 2002 WIN.00.NA 20.7 133.000.040.VIS P3 translator
*** GAMS Development Corporation
*** 1217 Potomac Street, NW
*** Washington, DC 20007, USA
*** 202-342-0180, 202-342-0181 fax
If you are running a version GAMS which was released prior to June, 2002, you need to download inclib.pck and xllink.exe.

To install the system, copy (or inclib.pck and xllink.exe) to the GAMS system directory and run GAMSINST.

The file inclib.pck contains all of the libinclude programs which have been developed at the University of Colorado during the past couple of years. These include files for data file management (GAMS2TXT), report writing (GAMS2TBL), and plotting (GNUPLOT).

Please try this before sending me an email.

1. Copy your license file (gamslice.txt) to a new directory.

2. Download the latest version of GAMS from here:

and install it in the new directory.  It should the license file.

3.  Download the patch for GDXXRW from here:

(The file is:

Unzip this file in the new GAMS directory and rerun GAMSINST.

3. Create a new working directory and unzipped this file into it.

5. Open a dos window in the working directory and type "run".

The results should be transferred to ramsey.xls. 

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July, 1999 by TFR
Updated August, 2002