General Equilibrium Modeling with MPSGE:
Some Examples for Self-Study

James Markusen and Thomas F. Rutherford

Department of Economics
University of Colorado


This file contains a number of simple models in which we introduce basic concepts related to general equilibrium modeling with MPSGE. These examples are intended for self-study by students and practioners who are interested in using MPSGE to formulate and solve applied general equilibrium models. All of the models presented in this file may be retrieved in a self-extracting archive file, markusen.exe.

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m1-1s Closed 2x2 Economy -- A Quick Introduction to the Basics Solution
m1-1v Closed 2x2 Economy -- Introduces Vector Syntax
m1-2s Closed 2X2 Economy with Intermediate Inputs and Nesting Solution
m1-3s Closed 2x2 Economy with Joint Production Solution
m1-4s Closed 2x2 Economy with labor-leisure choice Solution
m1-4as Closed 2x2 Economy with labor-leisure (alt. formulation)
m1-5s Closed 2x2 Economy with Specific Factors Solution
m1-6s Closed 2x2 Economy with Two Consumers Solution
m1-7s Closed 2x2 Economy with an Unprofitable Activity Solution
m1-8s Closed 2x2 Economy -- Stone Geary (LES) Preferences Solution
m2-1s Closed 2x2 Economy -- Calibrating to a Pre-Existing Tax
m2-1v Closed 2x2 Tax-Ridden Economy -- Vector Syntax
m2-2s Closed 2x2 Economy -- income taxes and labor supply
m2-3s Closed 2x2 Economy -- Equal Yield Tax Reform
m2-4s Closed 2x2 Economy -- Monopoly markups
m2-5s Closed 2x2 Economy -- Public Provision
m2-6s Closed 2x2 Economy -- Public Output with Samuelson Rule
m2-7s Closed 2x2 Economy -- Steady State Capital Stock
m2-8s Closed 2x2 Economy -- Taxes and Classical Unemployment
m3-1s Monopoly with IRTS - calibrated to zero profits
m3-2s Oligopoly with free entry - calibrated to zero profits
m3-3s External economies of scale
m3-4s Monopolistic competition with free entry
m4-1s Small open economy model. Two goods, two factors.
m4-2s Small open economy model with a benchmark trade imbalance.
m4-3s Small open economy model with a benchmark tariff.
m4-4s Small open economy model with a benchmark tariff.
m4-5s Small open economy model with an Armington formulation.
m4-6s Large open economy model: elastic export demand
m4-7s Small open economy model with benchmark VER import quota.