GAMS-MPSGE documentation:


What is MPSGE? - GAMS page about MPSGE

Syntax - MPSGE syntax (also available in PDF format)

Introduction to MPSGE - Intermediate level introduction to MPSGE: Demand Theory and General Equilibrium

Lecture Notes on CES Functions


Markusen's examples

OLG in MPSGE - Overlapping Generations with Pure Exchange: An MPSGE Formulation

Water Trade - An illustrative MPSGE model -- water allocation and water trade

Import Quota in MPSGE - Applying import quota in a small open economy

Tariff Reform in a small open economy - Tariff reform analysis for an open economy model based on a social accounting matrix

Tax policy model in Colombia -- a static model, with associated files here.

Tourism in a small open economy - Study the impact of a decline in global tourism and the resulting change in a small open economy.

An open economy model for Tanzania based on a 124 row SAM, including GAMS code for matrix balance, data translation and an illustrative model implemented in MPSGE

International Aid in a small open economy - Alternative aid programs for an open economy model based on a social accounting matrix

BEFORE versus AFTER, illustrating the virtues of set notation.

Tools for building national models using state-level IMPLAN social accounts.

The IFPRI model in MPSGE syntax.

Moving From an IO Table to a CGE Model - From an Input-Output Table to a General Equilibrium Model: Assessing the Excess Burden of Indirect Taxes in Russia (Pedagogic Paper)

The GTAPinGAMS package of the global economic datasets and illustrative models for use in the quantitative analyses of international economic issues


Modeling unanticipated shocks.

Developing Domestic Entrepreneurship and Growth through Imported Expertise, written with Jim Markusen. Here is the model directory. See RUN.BAT for scenario, figure and table definitions.

Calibration of Models with Multi-Year Periods

On the Assessment of Economic Cost in Dynamic Economic Models

Dynamics: Ramsey Model - Rutherford's Primer in Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis

Simple Dynamics: Ramsey - Moving from Static to Dynamic General Equilibrium Economic Models (Notes for a beginner in MPSGE)

Intertemporal consumption choices.

Extant and vintage capital in a Ramsey model.

Yet another note on Dynamics - Recursive versus Intertemporal: A Worked Example

OLG - Modeling Overlapping Generations in a Complementarity Format

Economic Transition, Entrepreneurial Capacity, and Intergenerational Distribution

Coalition Formation and International Trade in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In Search of a Rationale for Differentiated Environmental Taxes


An illustrative GAMS implementation of the Harrison, Horridge, and K.R. Pearson decomposition technique.

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