Some GAMS Programming Utilities
A GAMS Interface to Mark Horridge's SHADEMAP

GDX2DAT and GDXF90: Tools for Reading and Writing GDX Files.

A GAMS Utility for Mapping Tuples to Linear Sets

Translation Tools for GDX and HAR Files.

A Utility for Ranking One-Dimensional Numeric Data.

GAMSsm: A Scenario Manager.

Libinclude files for GAMS-readable data file management.

GAMS2CSV: A LIBINCLUDE Tool for Writing Comma-Delimited Data Files.

XLWrite: A Console Application for Creating Excel Workbooks from CSV Files.

Workbook data transfer programs for use with GAMS and Excel.

Libinclude files for calling GNUPLOT from GAMS.

A GAMS interface for MATLAB (by Michael Ferris)

Libinclude files for report writing .

A preprocessor for function definitions in GAMS.

Libinclude files for reading and writing GEMPACK header array files.

GAMS Control Statements

Bruce McCarl: "As suspected GAMS did not have anything on set global etc that I could extract from Alex. Thus I put togeather these notes based on looking at your stuff, talking to Alex and just guessing at what some things did. I am committed to use these as is in class but if you have any comments or suggestions where I should add, elaborate or correct let me know. Otherwise use for your purposes when people ask questions."

Recommended Text Editors for Programming in GAMS

I generally recommend that graduate students learn to edit with Emacs for the reason that it provides keystroke commands which are portable across platforms, i.e. under MS Windows, Unix and even with Apple. Of course, the choice of editor is a personal issue, and there is an issue of hysteresis... (Mark Bulloch: Editors are like mother ducks - once you've identified yours...) Anyway, here are my recommendations:

GAMS Amusements

Solving riddles in GAMS.

Notes on Creating PDF Slides with Handouts

In the following %1 corresponds to the LaTeX file name prefix.

  1. Use the following document header:
  2. Process with LaTeX as usual:
    call miktex
    latex %1
  3. Use the PSNUP utility to generate notes with two slides per page:
    psnup -2 -r
  4. Call Distiller to generate the PDF files. The trick here is to pass the full path name to the program using "%~f":
    call "c:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 5.0\Distillr\acrodist.exe" "" 
    call "c:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 5.0\Distillr\acrodist.exe" "" 

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