Tools for Building National Economic Models
Using State-Level IMPLAN Social Accounts

Thomas F. Rutherford

Department of Economics
University of Colorado
1995 (revised 2004)
This web page describes a set of GAMS programs for building national economic models for the United States based on data files from the Minnesota IMPLAN Group. This package is designed to operate with a complete national package, consisting of social accounting matricies for each of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia. The IMPLAN data includes a set of benchmark economic data encompassing input-output tables with 528 commodities, nine classes of private households and six types of government agents. The GAMS programs provided here permit flexibility in the aggregation and organiziation of datasets for economic analysis. The distribution archive includes a prototype GAMS/MPSGE model based on the data, but this model is not intended to be used "as-is" for policy analysis. It is included primarily to indicate the nature of accounting identities in the underlying data.

Here is the build directory for national models which are based on a set of IMPLAN state files.

Tools for Creating Regional Datasets for the U.S. in GAMS base on IMPLAN Data

The IMPLANDATA Directory

These tools require a set of data files from IMPLAN for each of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia. These can be individually zipped or flat .gms files. I've adopted the standard two-character abbreviations for states, and I have appended the year of the IMPLAN source data in order to permit comparison of model results across alternative base year datasets.

Set Definitions Files

These files are included in subdirectory "defines". The distribution includes three files:
  1. 528.set defines all states and all 528 IMPLAN sectors:
    		set  R  Regions (states)
    		set  S Sectors and goods /
    		   1	Dairy Farm Products
    		   2	Poultry and Eggs
    		 527	Household Industry-High Income
    		 528	Inventory Valuation Adjustment /;
  2. gtap.set is a 5-region national dataset based on sectoral definitions which are broadly consistent with GTAP:
    		SET  r  regions (states) /
    			ca	California
    			ea	Eastern and Southern states
    			gl	Great Lakes state
    			pl	Plains states	
    			we	Western states (except California) /;
    		SET  s  Sectors /
    			ngc	Non-grain crops,
    			liv	Livestock,
    			grn	All grains
    			fsh	Fishing + Forestry
    			cns	Construction,
    			met	Meat products,
    			mil	Milk products,
    			ofp	Other food products,
    			b_t	Beverages and tobacco,
    			tex	Textiles,
    			lum	Lumber and wood,
    			ppp	Pulp and paper,
    			crp	Chemicals  rubber and plastics,
    			p_c	Petroleum and coal products,
    			lea	Leather goods,
    			nmm	Non-metallic mineral products,
    			i_s	Primary ferrous metals,
    			nfm	Non-ferrous metals,
    			fmp	Fabricated metal products,
    			ome	Machinery and equipment,
    			omf	Other manufacturing products,
    			t_t	Trade and transport,
    			osp	Other services (private),
    			osg     Other services (public) /;
  3. is a mapping file used to aggregate the full IMPLAN dataset to create the GTAP dataset.
    	$eolcom !
    	$setglobal source implan
    	SET MAPR	Mapping from states to regions /
    	SET MAPS /
    	NGC.(	! Non-grain crops,
    	   1	! Dairy Farm Products
    	   2	! Poultry And Eggs

Build Programs

Constructed Data Files

Directory Contents

This listing includes source and constructed data but no listings:
 Directory of g:\implan\50states
					  275  aggr.bat
					4,563  aggr.gms
					  596  build.bat
				       14,897  distill.gms
				       10,683  gams2txt.gms
					9,765  implan98.htm
					  396  map.gms
				      231,936  mapn.exe
					3,468  mapn.gms
					2,448  merge.gms
					5,137  model.gms
				       12,315  read.gms
					6,434  readparam.gms
					  732  readstate.bat
					  634  sets.gms
					1,523  tradeadj.gms

 Directory of g:\implan\50states\data
				57,523 gtap.gdx
				3,754,997 *
				15,969,648  528.gdx *
				15,994,427  implan.gdx *
* Not included in the directory archive. These files must be constructed using build.bat.
 Directory of g:\implan\50states\defines
		                   851 gtap.set
		                16,916 528.set

 Directory of g:\implan\50states\implandata

       455,625		       830,857
       914,853		       674,136
       858,880		       972,039
       910,493		       607,491
     1,012,955		       771,936
       895,516		       702,618
       809,897		       861,048
       486,381		       763,701
       613,125		       789,484
     1,002,735		       980,600
       927,150		       978,194
       518,345		       853,807
       872,408		       920,670
       751,672		       964,082
       871,608		       670,260
       954,337		       858,476
       850,059		       659,816
       899,990		       934,021
       867,266		       975,367
       832,601		       790,730
       849,276		       930,039
       707,596		       675,209
     1,024,664		       955,452
       905,315		       915,812
       942,779		       713,753
* These files are not included in the tools archive. They may be obtained from: