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This document describes an installation procedure of the GTAP5inGAMS package (prerelease#3). There are two versions of the GTAP datasets in the package: the full versions (the file for the GTAP5inGAMS and the file for the GTAP5-EG) and the aggregated versions (the file for the GTAP5inGAMS and the file for the GTAP5-EG). The full versions of the datasets have a restricted distribution. In order to use the full versions, a modeller needs to obtain the standard GTAP5 data file gsddat.har. The instructions for obtaining the GTAP data can be found at the GTAP Homepage . For testing purposes, aggregated versions of the GTAP5inGAMS and GTAP5-EG datasets are provided with the GTAP5inGAMS package. The GTAP5inGAMS package with the aggregated datasets can be downloaded here (free of charge). A modeller can test the aggregated datasets by running illustrative models. The modeller can change the models to suit his specific purpose because he has a full access to the code of the build routines and the models.

System Requirements

In order to use the GTAP5inGAMS package, you need to have the following GAMS system components:

Download Instructions

The GAMS5inGAMS package is distributed in a zip archive (a file You can download it from ../gtap5/ The archive has the directory structure presented below.

Table 1: Structure of the archive GTAP5GAMS.ZIP

Directory Purpose File Purpose
BUILD build energy.bat Batch file to build the GTAP-EG dataset
dataset build.bat Batch file to build the GTAPinGAMS dataset
chkdata.bat Check benchmark data
chkdata.gms Check benchmark data
chkeq.gms Check equilibrium
filter.gms Filter data
gtapaggr.bat Aggregation
gtapaggr.gms Aggregation GAMS file
gtapsets.gms Make sets for aggregation
ene.gms Calibration
ieo.dat IEO Projections Data
ieodata.gms IEO Projections
impose.bat New dataset creation
impose.gms New dataset creation
recalib.gms Recalibration
regbal.gms Regional Balance
relabel.gms Relabel to GAMS format
seehar.exe Read HAR-file utility
DATA initial and energy.dat Aggregated Energy Data
resulting 13x8 GTAP-EG dataset
data 10x10 GTAPinGAMS dataset
(gsddat.har) GTAP Data (not included)
( Created after running ASPEN.BAT
( Created after running BUILD.BAT
DEFINES stores Full GTAP-EG mapping
.set, .map, and .def aspen5.set Full GTAP-EG sets
files 13x8 GTAP-EG mapping
aspen5_small.set 13x8 GTAP-EG sets 10x10 GTAPinGAMS sets
gtap5_small.set 10x10 GTAPinGAMS sets
gtap.set GTAP4 sets IEA-GTAP mapping
iea.set IEA-GTAP sets
notax.def New tax rates definitions
INCLIB standard aggr.gms Aggregation
GAMS checkset.gms Check set
utilities chktarget.gms Check target
gams2har.gms Move to HAR format
gams2prm.gms Move to GAMS parameter
gams2tbl.gms Move to table
gams2txt.gms Move to text file
gdpreport.gms Report GDP
har2gams.gms Move from HAR format
mrtdata.gms GTAP parameters calculation
unzip.gms Call unzip
zip.gms Call zip
MODELS Illustrative gtap-eg.gms The GTAP-EG Model
models runall.bat Run all GTAPinGAMS Models
mrttest.gms Test all GTAPinGAMS Models
cnstest.gms Test CNS GTAPinGAMS Model
mcptest.gms Test MCP GTAPinGAMS Model
mgetest.gms Test MPSGE GTAPinGAMS Model
nlptest.gms Test NLP GTAPinGAMS Model
mrtcns.gms CNS GTAPinGAMS Model
mrtmcp.gms MCP GTAPinGAMS Model
mrtmge.gms MPSGE GTAPinGAMS Model
mrtnlp.gms NLP GTAPinGAMS Model


To install the GTAP5inGAMS package:

To create the full version of the GTAP5inGAMS dataset:

To create the full version of the GTAP5-EG dataset:

The GTAP5inGAMS dataset (build routine BUILD.BAT)

The GTAP5inGAMS dataset is built on the standard GTAP5 database, which is not distributed freely. In order to construct the full GTAP datasets, a user needs to contact GTAP to obtain the GTAP5 dataset (the file gsddat.har).

The file gsddat.har should be placed into the DATA subdirectory of the GTAP5inGAMS package. To create the full version of the GTAP5inGAMS, a user needs to run build.bat file. For this, in MS-DOS prompt (make sure that you are connected to a proper directory) type build and press Enter. Run time on Pentium 500 is about 25 minutes (Make sure that GAMS is included in the PATH variable of your computer's MS-DOS. To check it, in MS-DOS prompt type path and press Enter).

The file build.bat is intended to:

Once you successfully run the BUILD routine, you can use the full GTAP5inGAMS dataset which is placed in the DATA subdirectory. Your computer may not have enough memory to run your models on the full dataset. Therefore, the aggregation routine GTAPAGGR.BAT (described below) can aggregate the original GTAP data into the smaller datasets. You can choose what aggregation is appropriate for studying your particular application.

The GTAP5-EG dataset (build routine ENERGY.BAT)

The GTAP5-EG dataset is built on the standard GTAP5 database and calibrated to energy quantity and price data. In order to construct the full GTAP5-EG dataset, a user needs to run energy.bat file. For this, In MS-DOS prompt, type energy and press Enter. Run time on Pentium 500 is about 3 minutes. If the full version of the GTAP5inGAMS dataset has not been created yet, then the BUILD routine (described above) will be automatically called.

The file energy.bat is intended to:

Users can edit energy.bat to suit their specific applications. In particular, a pause option can be uncommented for every step to see all the stages of the dataset creation (To uncomment a pause command, delete a :(column) sign, i.e. change a line from :pause to pause.). The original build routine has a pause in one place only - before the aggregation and running the illustrative model. At this point, in MS-DOS window you'll see a message:

Aggregate to 13x8, include energy projections and create Will aggregate to Press any key to continue . . .

If you press any key, then in addition to the full dataset an aggregated dataset will be created (a new file will replace an old one) and an illustrative model will run on an aggregated data. If you press ``Ctrl-C'', then the following message appears.

Terminate batch job (y/n)?

If you terminate the batch job at this time (by pressing ``y'' and then ``Enter''), energy.bat will stop and only the full version of the GTAP5-EG dataset will be created and placed into DATA subdirectory under the name

In the process of building the dataset, several echo files are placed in the BUILD subdirectory:

Aggregated datasets

The GTAP5inGAMS package contains the aggregated versions of the GTAP5inGAMS dataset and the GTAP5-EG dataset. They are provided for testing purposes.

A user can check the installation by running the models on the aggregated GTAP5inGAMS dataset (file, which is located in the DATA subdirectory and ready to use. The archive contains the data file gtap5_small.gms, and associated SET and MAP files. The aggregated GTAPinGAMS dataset has 10 sectors, 10 regions, and 5 factors of production. Aggregate regions in the model include the US, Japan, the EU and China, Other OECD, Former Soviet Union, Central European Associates, Other Asia, Mexico plus OPEC and Rest of World. Commodities in the dataset include the investment aggregate, five energy goods, metals-related industry, other energy-intensive industries, other manufactures and services. For more information, read the GTAP5inGAMS description.

The archive also contains an aggregated version of the GTAP5-EG dataset. It is located in DATA subdirectory and named The archive contains the data file aspen5_small.gms, and associated SET and MAP files. The aggregated dataset has 13 regions, 8 goods, and two primary factors. The identifiers for the aggregated GTAP5-EG dataset are contained in the SET file. For more information, read the GTAP5inGAMS description.

The Aggregation Routine GTAPAGGR.BAT

Once you have built the initial GTAP5inGAMS or GTAP5-EG dataset, you can begin to think about a particular application and which aggregations of the original GTAP data would be appropriate for studying those issues. Typically it is useful to create two aggregations for any new model, one with a minimal number of regions and commodities and another with a larger number of dimensions. The small aggregation can then be used for model development.

The gtapaggr.bat program is used to aggregate the GTAP5inGAMS and the GTAP5-EG datasets. A command line argument defines the name of the target aggregation. You only need to provide the batch file with the target because the target's mapping file defines the source. Before running gtapaggr.bat, you must create two files, one defining the sets of commodities, regions and primary factors in the target dataset, and another defining the name of the source dataset and a correspondence between elements of the source and target. The aggregation routine produces a brief report of GDP and trade shares in the new dataset. The SET and MAP files for a new dataset are GAMS-readable files located in the DEFINES subdirectory. For more information, click here.

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