GTAP4inGAMS Dataset: Regions, Sectors, Factors
The GTAP4inGAMS dataset has 50 sectors, 45 regions, and 5 factors of production.

Table 1. Sectoral identifiers in the GTAP4inGAMS Dataset 

PDR     Paddy rice,                     B_T     Beverages and tobacco,
WHT     Wheat,                          TEX     Textiles,
GRO     Grains (except rice-wheat),     WAP     Wearing apparel,
V_F     Vegetable fruit nuts,           LEA     Leather goods,
OSD     Oil seeds,                      LUM     Lumber and wood,
C_B     Sugar cane and beet,            PPP     Pulp and paper,
PFB     Plant-based fibers,             P_C     Petroleum and coal products,
OCR     Crops n.e.c.,                   CRP     Chemicals  rubber and plastics,
CTL     Bovine cattle,                  NMM     Non-metallic mineral products,
OAP     Animal products n.e.c.,         I_S     Primary ferrous metals,
RMK     Raw milk,                       NFM     Non-ferrous metals,
WOL     Wool,                           FMP     Fabricated metal products,
FRS     Forestry,                       MVH     Motor vehicles,
FSH     Fishing,                        OTN     Other transport equipment,
COL     Coal,                           ELE     Electronic equipment,
OIL     Oil,                            OME     Machinery and equipment,
GAS     Natural Gas,                    OMF     Other manufacturing products,
OMN     Other Minerals,                 ELY     Electricity,
CMT     Bovine cattle meat products,    GDT     Gas manuf. and distribution,
OMT     Meat products n.e.c.,           WTR     Water,
VOL     Vegetable oils,                 CNS     Construction,
MIL     Dairy products,                 T_T     Trade and transport,
PCR     Processed rice,                 OSP     Other services (private),
SGR     Sugar,                          OSG     Other services (public),
OFD     Other food products,            DWE     Dwellings,
                                        CGD     Investment composite

Table 2. Regional identifiers in the GTAP4inGAMS Dataset 

AUS    Australia,                          ARG    Argentina,
NZL    New Zealand,                        BRA    Brazil,
JPN    Japan,                              CHL    Chile,
KOR    Republic of Korea,                  URY    Uruguay,
IDN    Indonesia,                          RSM    Rest of South America,
MYS    Malaysia,                           GBR    United Kingdom,
PHL    Philippines,                        DEU    Germany,
SGP    Singapore,                          DNK    Denmark,
THA    Thailand,                           SWE    Sweden,
VNM    Vietnam,                            FIN    Finland,
CHN    China,                              REU    Rest of EU,
HKG    Hong Kong,                          EFT    European Free Trade Area,
TWN    Taiwan,                             CEA    Central European Associates,
IND    India,                              FSU    Former Soviet Union,
LKA    Sri Lanka,                          TUR    Turkey,
RAS    Rest of South Asia,                 RME    Rest of Middle East,
CAN    Canada,                             MAR    Morocco,
USA    United States of America,           RNF    Rest of North Africa,
MEX    Mexico,                             SAF    South Africa,
CAM    Central America and Caribbean,      RSA    Rest of South Africa,
VEN    Venezuela,                          RSS    Rest of Sub-Saharan Africa,
COL    Columbia,                           ROW    Rest of World  
RAP    Rest of Andean Pact,

Table 3. Primary Factor Identifiers in the GTAP4inGAMS Dataset

                LND     Land,
                SKL     Skilled labor,
                LAB     Unskilled labor,
                CAP     Capital,
                RES     Natural resources 

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