This page contains the GTAPinGAMS package of the global economic datasets and illustrative models for use in the quantitative analyses of international economic issues. These programs should be useful to economists who program in GAMS and wish to use GTAP in applied work.

There are two versions of the GTAPinGAMS package: GTAP4inGAMS and GTAP5inGAMS. They are based on the GTAP4 (baseyear is 1995) and GTAP5 (baseyear is 1997) economic data, respectively.

The GTAPinGAMS Package
version 4 version 5
Package description PDF HTML PDF HTML
GTAPinGAMS Dataset: Regions, Sectors, Factors HTML HTML
Installation instructions HTML HTML
GTAPinGAMS package distribution archive ZIP ZIP

The old version of GTAPinGAMS (version 1.5) is also available. These datasets are based on GTAP4 economic data. They are replaced by the GTAP4inGAMS package, which includes both GTAPinGAMS (version 1.5) and GTAP-EG.

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