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MPECLib Organization

The models

The original algebraic models have been translated into a scalar
format in which documentation and comments have been removed, sets and
set operators have been unrolled, and the original data and structure
of the model have disappeared.  Note that by structure, we mean
structure as seen by the human (e.g. a variable inflow(CITIES), an
equation flowbalance(NODES), or a parameter capacity(UNITS)).  The
structure of the model as seen by the solver is completely unchanged
by the translation into scalar form.  This property is crucial in
algorithm testing.

The controlling model mpeclib.gms

The library contains a special GAMS model mpeclib.gms that helps to
organize the models in MPECLib.  In it, all models are matched with
proper references to contributors, publications references, source,

The mpeclib.gms model also helps to create execution scripts useful in
manipulating the library.  For example, the following piece of GAMS
code creates a batch script that runs models that come from the book
"Handbook of Test Problems in Local and Global Optimization" by
Floudas e.a. with solver MPECDUMP:

file brs 'batch run script' / 'rs.bat' /;
loop {m$mr(m,"r21"),
  put brs "gams " " mpec=mpecdump " /;
  put$xp(m) xp.te(m);
  put /;