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CONE Library

CONELib is a collection of CONIC Programming (in particular second order cone programming - SOCP) models. The purpose of the collection is to provide algorithm developer of cone optimization codes with a large and varied set of both theoretical and practical test models.


Scalar Models

The collection has initially been created by combining small- to medium-scale models from the literature. We invite everybody to make contributions to the collection and are particularly interested in industrial models. See the contact page for additional information.

Since many industrial models are based on proprietary information, the models have been translated into a scalar format in which documentation and comments have been removed, sets and set operators have been unrolled, and the original data and structure of the model have disappeared. Most industrial users will accept that translated confidential models can be made publicly available. The scalar models are not intended to serve as guidelines for good modeling practice.

The collection has models from different stages of the modeling process. This means that not all models are nicely formulated and some can be extremely difficult to solve. Some models may also be infeasible. This variety should help provide models that can help test the reliability of a solver in an extreme but probably very practical environment.

Translation Service

The scalar models are maintained in the GAMS language. In order to make the models widely available GAMS World offers an automatic translation service which converts any GAMS model into a scalar model of a particular language (including AMPL, BARON, GAMS, LINGO, MINOPT etc.). There is a simple web interface to our translation service. The actual translation is done by a special 'solver' called convert that comes with every GAMS system. So users with a recent GAMS system can do the scalar model generation with their GAMS system.