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CONELib Changelog


Alpha version of the CONELib published on hidden web pages with 28


Adding New Models To CONELib:

The following needs to be updated in conelib.gms:

1. Update set s sequence number to reflect additional number of models

2. Add models to the set m models with their URL source

3. Update set ms(m,s) model sequence mapping to include new models

4. If necessary, update set ds(d,s) model application mapping

5. Add reference mapping from conelib.gms internal to gams.bib external
   reference map. This should look something like:

       $echo r166  37 >> g2g.txt

   where r166 is the conelib.gms internal reference number and 37
   is the gams.bib reference number.

   REMARK: The files gams.bib and bib2gms.exe need to be in the same
           directory as all conelib.gms files. When conelib.gms
           is run, the reference file is automatically
           updated to include the new references.

6. Update model reference mapping set mr(m,r)
7. If solution points exist, update set mp(m,p) available restart or 
   solution points, as well as set bk(m,p) point with best known solution.

Once this is completed, proceed with the following:

1. Add new models and solution points to

2. Freshen  >> gmszip -f

3. Run conestat.gms:     >> gams conestat.gms

4. Run conehtm.gms:      >> gams conehtm.gms