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PAVER 2 SERVER - Performance Analysis Web Submission Tool

The PAVER web-submission tool runs the PAVER performance tools and lets the user view the results online. The PAVER tools are available for download here.

Users can input their data in the form of trace files, which can be generated, e.g., via the GAMS traceopt=3 option. See the Tracefile Section for details concerning the GAMS trace file format, Generic Data Files Section for the generic format.

Note: there is a maximum total file size limit of 1Mb.

Submit trace files:
Trace 1
Trace 2
Trace 3
Trace 4
Trace 5
Trace 6
Trace 7
Trace 8
Submit solution files (optional):
Solutions 1
Solutions 2
Solutions 3
Solutions 4

Optional Settings:

Relative Tolerance on Bounds:   (Consistency Checks)
Absolute Tolerance on Bounds:   (Consistency Checks)
(Primal) Feasibility Tolerance:   (Consistency Checks w.r.t. Examiner computed values)
Optimality (Dual Feasibility) Tolerance:   (Consistency Checks w.r.t. Examiner computed values)
Reference Solver (Name):   (Performance Evaluation)
Shift for Time (s):   (Performance Evaluation)
Shift for Number of Nodes:   (Performance Evaluation)
Minimal Time:   (Performance Evaluation)
Time in case of failure:   (Performance Evaluation)
Number of Nodes in case of failure:   (Performance Evaluation)
(Relative) Gap Tolerance:   (Performance Evaluation)
Threshold for being relatively faster:   (Performance Evaluation)
Threshold for relatively better obj. value:   (Performance Evaluation)
Regard Dual Bounds (if available):   (Performance Evaluation)
Number of ticks (points):   (Performance Profiles)
Extended Performance Profiles:   (Performance Profiles)
Include virtual solvers:   (Performance Evaluation)
Option file name is runname:   (Reading)