The PAVER performance analysis tool also supports the use of generic data files instead of GAMS trace files. The generic data files contain the minimal information needed by PAVER in order to process the data.

See a sample GENERIC data file G.gen.

Generic data file parameters

The column headers for GENERIC data files are as follows:

        1. InputFileName:    Model filename           
        2. ModelType:        LP, MIP, NLP, etc.	       
        3. SolverName:       Name of the solver			       
        4. Direction:        0=min, 1=max		       
        5. ModelStatus:      GAMS model return status - see the GAMS return codes section.         
        6. SolverStatus:     GAMS solver return status - see the GAMS return codes section.    
        7. ObjectiveValue:   Value of objective function    
        8. SolverTime:       Resource time used (sec)      
The trace file must contain the header with * Trace Record Definition and the next line with the column headers, i.e. * InputFileName, .... A sample header may look like this:
* Trace Record Definition
* InputFileName,ModelType,SolverName,Direction,ModelStatus,SolverStatus,ObjectiveValue,SolverTime